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A Healthy Smoothie is a Raw Smoothie

A Healthy Smoothie has a Ton of Raw Fruits and Veggies There is a lot of talk about eating raw, whole food these days. Science aside, I don’t know of anyone who thinks that Americans should be eating more, cooked and processes food. Until recent years, raw food made up a large part of our diet. So my thinking is that anything that helps us get more raw food, especially… Read Article →

Healthy Smoothie Lifestyle – So What is Health?

Obviously, when I talk about health, I’m talking about good health. And as someone with a science and engineering background, I’m interested in a definition of health that I can accurately measure. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Before you start a big lifestyle change like adding a healthy smoothie to your diet or anything else, you need to find out where you are now. Otherwise, how… Read Article →

A Healthy Smoothie a Day, the Core of My Lifestyle Change

I’m not a health nut or a crunchy hippy type, but I really am interested in how adding a healthy smoothie or two to your diet can really help improve your overall health. I’ll explain why in a minute. As I started to read about raw food and healthy smoothies I noticed a lot of people with really interesting alternate lifestyle beliefs writing about healthy smoothies, and that’s great, I have no… Read Article →