Healthy Smoothie Blender Information

I’ll admit to being a blender snob. But even I won’t say that you have to go out and buy and expensive blender before you can start to see the benefits of drinking a healthy smoothie everyday.

I made my whole first year of healthy smoothies with a cheap blender. Well two cheap blenders.

Once the second one died I decided to upgrade. But by then I know I was hooked and that I would be making many smoothies, hopefully for the rest of a long life.

So rather than buy two cheap blenders a year, i decided to take the plunge and buy and Blendtec blender. I couldn’t be happier. Some of my friends have a the Vitamix which is great also.

For me, deciding between the two blenders came down to one simple thing: the Vitamix is just too tall. It is too tall to fit under my cabinets when sitting on the counter top. The Blendtec slides right to the back of my counter with no problem. OK, it also has more horsepower and a larger blending jar

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