Article on the Benefits of a Raw Healthy Smoothie

Interesting article in the Guardian about a couple who had great success using healthy smoothies and raw foods to lose weight, increase energy, and stay healthy.  Since they began changing their diet to include a healthy smoothie in the morning and raw foods when they can, they have both lost significant amounts of weight, and while both are over 60, neither is on any kind of medication. Their philosophy sounds a lot like mine:

“We believe that eating raw foods helps with digestion and energy,” Dee said. “We’re not raw foodists, in the sense that we only eat raw food. We’re just people who are interested in adding more raw foods into our bodies.”

Promoting health benefits of raw foods

They also include some interesting recipes in the article, many of which as far beyond my abilities! But one to definitely try is the raw apple and carrot salad. I made it and it was great! Another item to add to my personal menu of healthy raw food options.

Have your own list of healthy smoothie and raw food options that you know you like and enjoy eating is the key to making this all work. When you are hungry at mealtime is not the time to try and think about finding something healthy to eat. You are much better off having a list of things that you know you like and that you already have the ingredients for on hand. I have a core of for or five meals that I enjoy and eat regularly.